This blog post will be released on Mother’s Day 2017, which is the perfect time to highlight (1) the need we entrepreneurs have for healthy close relationships in our life (like our mother or the mother of our children), and therefore (2) the need we have to keep or cultivate those relationships for a healthy Business As Life.

Within your support system of relationships, there is usually one person who is closest to you, means more to you, has your permission to speak into your life more than any other, whose opinion matters more than any other. This is usually someone you have strong feelings for, someone you possibly are in love with, are vulnerable with, and who brings joy to your life. For many entrepreneurs that special person is usually your spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend, but may be a parent or guardian, sibling, or mentor. You know who they are.

To be able to operate at your best and highest, those life-giving relationships need to be strong, happy and at peace. When they are not, it has numerous negative consequences — chief among them is the tremendous distraction it causes. That special someone in my life is my wife of 37 years. When our relationship is under duress, I struggle to get anything accomplished outside of the normal daily routine. My focus is compromised, my ability to think creatively, to innovate, to be my best is also compromised.

A beautiful and productive garden cannot be left alone; it must be cultivated.

Here are my tips to keep and cultivate those special relationships:

  1. Keep your priorities properly set. Special people are critical to you and your dreams and should come first; that means before anything else in your life. If you’ve allowed your priorities to get out of order, then take the time to correct that. Tell those special people you’re sorry, do something to show them you’re sorry, and determine within yourself to prevent that from happening again. If it does, don’t quit trying, just hit the reset button and start over.
  2. Proactively plan time for the special people in your life. We can easily get overcome by daily events, making busyness our business; we lose sight of what really matters. When you sit down to plan, whether you do it daily, weekly, or monthly, include your personal life and time with those special people in your life.
  3. Periodically check in with these people. Just as you would with your employees or customers, seek feedback from those closest to you. Ask them how they feel about your relationship; would they give it high marks? Be honest and sincere when you do this. Also, be prepared for any answer. You might be surprised. If they really care about you, they will give possibly some of the most valuable information you will ever receive. Use it.

Just like a beautiful and productive garden cannot be left alone, you must also keep your relationships; pull weeds, till the soil, water the plants, and you will enjoy the wonderful results, both in your business and your life.

Tell me what you think. Who is that special someone in your life? Could you do business or life without them?


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