Don’t Do It Alone

By May 6, 2017Blog

One of the great things I love about entrepreneurs, visionaries, innovators is that we are inherently self-motivated. No one ever had to tell me to get out of bed and get to work when it came to my business. After all, this business was my baby. I conceived it. I gave birth to it. I loved it like my own child. I wanted it to succeed…really badly! I put my own money, time, sweat into it. I was going to “will it” to succeed.

But wait…look at my last paragraph. How many times did I use the word “I?” Too many.

I know the statements above do reflect how I felt at one time in my business life. My attitude was not only unhealthy, but I was wrong. I had begun to think everything started and ended with me. My ‘self-talk’ was totally off the mark — that I and I alone was responsible for any success we had achieved in my business.

Now if you had approached me and asked me, “do you really believe that you alone are the only reason your business succeeds,” I would have said, “absolutely not.” That would have been the politically correct response. I’ve been to all the business management courses, I earned an MBA, I knew that people were our most important asset, etc, etc, etc. But deep down, that first paragraph above was how I really felt. That wrong attitude contributed to one of the worst seasons I’ve ever had in my business.

The truth is, no one ever achieved sustainable success without help. Everyone needs help. We were made by our Creator to be in community. Even scripture says it’s not good that we are alone. No professional athlete ever became a champion without a ton of help from family, friends, coaches, and team mates. No one can do it alone. One of the worst punishments you can ever give a prison inmate is to put him in solitary confinement. We suffer when we’re alone or try to do it alone. We are not at our best and highest.

But the good news is that we thrive when we’re in community, are part of a team, working together, in relationships with people who share similar goals and ambitions, who care about us personally, who we can depend in when things get tough.

So don’t do it alone. You might achieve some short-lived success by yourself, but it will not last. Sustainable success can only be achieved upon a foundation that includes your community, your support system, your life-giving team.

And besides, celebrations after winning are much more fun with those in your community, than by yourself.

Don’t do it alone.


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