It turns out that the benefits of having a grateful heart or attitude go way beyond just being a nice thing to have or a more socially acceptable form of behavior.

Have you ever worked around someone who never seemed to say ‘thank you?’ How did that make you feel? Conversely, have you ever worked around someone who frequently appreciated your efforts? And how did that make you feel? It’s obvious that a grateful person is much preferred over the non-grateful. We don’t always get to choose who we associate with, but you take my point; it’s much better working with people who are grateful.

It turns out that the benefits of having a grateful heart or attitude go way beyond just being a nice thing to have or a more socially acceptable form of behavior. There are real hardcore business benefits to showing gratitude. While it is true that ‘gain’ isn’t the only reason to be grateful, it is interesting to consider the tangible benefits of an attitude of gratitude.

Benefits Of A Grateful Heart

  1. A grateful attitude can increase productivity through strengthened relationships and increased trust among fellow workers.
  2. Gratefulness can increase innovation by making workers feel valued, that their ideas are important, appreciated, and welcome.
  3. Gratefulness has been shown in multiple studies to lower stress and increase a sense of well being.
  4. Gratefulness will increase your mental capacity by disentangling your thoughts.
  5. Gratefulness will motivate people to do their very best as they feel more appreciated.
  6. Gratefulness will enhance your sleep, going to bed with a mind more at peace and content.
  7. Gratefulness will also reduce conflict at work since it reduces aggressive behavior and increases empathy among workers.

What Can I Do To Be More Grateful?

There are many things you can do to develop and encourage a grateful attitude. Below are just a few of my own ideas, but you can add your own ideas to these.

  1. Find a time each day to write down three things you are grateful for. I do this early in the morning when journaling. It doesn’t have to be huge things, either. I often write down common everyday things, simple things. What’s important is to start appreciating things in your life more. This will help you get into the habit.
  2. Make it a habit to say ‘thank you’ to someone each morning and each afternoon. It doesn’t matter how small the action, being grateful will still be appreciated by the recipient.
  3. Send an email, or better yet, write someone a thank you card and put it in the mail. They will be pleasantly surprised.
  4. Tell those closest to you ‘thank you’ everyday. It’s those closest to us that we often take for granted.
  5. And if you’re ready for a bigger challenge, say ‘thank you’ to someone who has offended you, or someone who you feel doesn’t appreciate you or your work. If you can do this without any cynicism but as a pure act of kindness, you will have taken a big personal growth step. You are becoming a better person. Well done.

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