Your Business Depends On Your Life

By April 29, 2017Blog

As entrepreneurs, we often have no problem getting motivated. After all, we are pursuing our dream, a business or endeavor that we have created; an idea that is taking shape in front of us – our idea. It’s something we absolutely love or wholeheartedly believe in. We can see it happening, fulfilling that need to feel our lives have purpose.

It’s important that as an entrepreneur we believe in what we’re doing. Your level of faith in yourself and your dream, and your level of commitment is extremely critical. But we often make the assumption that if we want our idea to succeed bad enough, if we’re committed to our dream, that alone will propel us to victory. What you need to know is that your success, and beyond that your happiness, is based on much more than this.

But we often make the assumption that if we want our idea to succeed bad enough, if we’re committed to our dream, that alone will propel us to victory.

If we do not maintain a healthy life, our business cannot hope to endure or enjoy sustainable success. You may have good success, even fantastic success, but it will not endure if your life is not balanced in a healthy way. What do I mean by a ‘balanced healthy life?’  How does this affect my business? What does a healthy and balanced life look like? Well that will take a book to completely discuss, which I am working on, but here are a couple quick thoughts for you to consider:

  1. Everything needs a good foundation; a building, a business, an organization, everything. Your life, who you are, what makes you tick, the relationships you cherish that love and support you, your living habits, your faith, is your foundation. If any of those things are not present and healthy in your life, your foundation is not as strong as it could be.
  2. Without a good foundation, you will not be able to navigate the roadblocks to your dreams in the most effective way. You will be doing the best you can, but it may not be enough. It’s tough enough to get a dream to be fully realized without challenges, but when you do hit challenges, (and you most certainly will hit challenges of every type, imagined and unimagined) without a solid foundation you cannot hope to respond with your best and highest actions.

So as you charge ahead with your goals, let me encourage you to also take time to pause and reflect on your personal foundation. Are there any elements missing? Those are that are in place, are they healthy? If they are, what can I do to maintain their health? If they are not, what can I do to get them to a healthy place?

Your business and your life are inextricably linked, especially as an entrepreneur where most of the success of the dream depends on you. Set the conditions for success by ensuring your life is balanced and healthy.


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